The most basic unit of our organization is the Y’s Men’s Club, known constitutionally as “Affiliated Club”. A club will have a team of office bearers, President. President Elect (or Vice President), Immediate Past President, Secretary, Treasurer, Bulletin Editor and Y’s Guy to be assisted by a Board of Directors. The spouses of Y’s Men form the “Y’s MENETTES CLUB”.Children, both boys and girls, generally in the age group of 8-21 form the “Y’s LINGS CLUB”. We also have “Y’S YOUTH CLUB” consisting of Youth (l5 to 25 years of age), who are likely to join us as Y’s Men or Y’s Women later in their life. Members of Y’s Youth Club need not be children of Y’s Men. The effective functioning of the Y’s Men, Y’s Menettes & Y’s Lings (&Y‘s Youth, if functioning) clubs together will establish that it is a family Movement. Y’s Menettes Club, Y’s Lings Club and Y’s Youth Club members do not have any constitutional right as Y’s Men. However, Women can also join Y’s Men’s Clubs or start Y’s Women’s Club affiliated to Y’s Men International.

It is through the Y’s Men‘s Clubs that our movement is working. Each Club has a constitution (which is in line with International Constitution), prepared initially at the formation and chartering of the Club as a mandatory requirement, which might get amended from time to time as found necessary. Clubs have to work within this constitution towards fulfillment of objectives of our movement.

Y's Men Clubs

  1. Annanagar
  2. Annanagar West
  3. Chennai Millennium
  4. Chennai North
  5. Kodambakkam
  6. Madras Harringtons
  7. Madras Metropolitan
  8. Mylapore
  9. OMR
  10. Padapai
  11. The East
  12. Thiruverkadu Town
  13. Hindustan Youth
  14. The Rising Ark.